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New Generation Intelligent LED aquarium lights

SmartAQ LED aquarium lights series are new generation intelligent LED aquarium lights, the lights series have single and multiple modules of LED, each module has three channels, AquaSpecial 40W 14000K, 10 3w BluePlus LEDs (455nm) and 10 3w PurplePlus LEDs (415nm), each channel can be dimmable from 0 to 100 brightness with 24 time interval (1 hour interval), this high power LED aquarium lights can mimic Sunny, Cloudy, Sunrise/Sunset and Moon modes, 100% automatic control and full customization.


Evergrow LED aquarium lights series are first generation intelligent aquarium light, they are designed for marine aquarists, reef growers, and hobbyists with advanced LED control technologies, user can setup customized sunrise, suset and moon effect at any times.



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                               Three channels full spectrum


                                         Moon mode

                                      SmartAQ timer/dimmer/channel controller