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AIBC LED BS045D0 SuperT 4Ft 8Tb. T5 160W Grow Light Panel

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  • 4 Ft. 8 T5 Tube LED Grow panel perfect replacement of fluorescent T5 grow lights;
  • Integrated LED chips for unprecedented plant growth - suitable for flowering or vegetative growth
  • Two-switch system - having two on and off switches allows you to have half the lights on when less lighting is needed all in a very low profile, only 2.16 inches deep; engineered to mimic the ideal plant absorption curve.
  • Much more efficient than traditional fluorescent T5 panels at 160W total (20W per tube) and 7888.9 Lumen total output,


Perfect replacement of fluorescent T5 grow lights.


The LED's in our new SuperT grow panels feature brand new technology, Integrated LED chips, where, instead of having chips of only a single color, the entire plant growth spectrum is integrated into each chip in the panel, leading to vastly improved spectrum uniformity in the grow area.




Model name Watts Tubes Par rating Fixture dimensinon Input voltage Output Wavelengh range Lumen output
4FT8TB 160W 8 339 L47.2xW22xH2.2 in 110V 36V 360-870nm 7889

N/W: 9.5Kg, G/W: 11.5kg, Package dimension: L1250xW575xH185mm



Q1: Does the SuperT LED Grow Panel come ready to install out of the box?

A1: Yes, your order comes with the light panel, eight SuperT LED grow light tubes, power cord, and steel hanging cables. After plugging in the LED tubes and attaching the hanging cables to the back of the panel, simply hang above desired growing surface, connect the power cord, and switch on the lights.

Q2: What color do the SuperT Integrated LED panels emit?

A2: To the human eye, the SuperT panel emits a pink/magenta color. The SuperT LED chips were engineered to mimic the ideal plant absorbtion spectrum, leading to minimal energy inefficiency and the pink/magenta color, a combination of blue and orange to red spectra.

Q3: Where do the SuperT LED panels ship from?

A3: We are located in Ithaca, NY and all orders will be shipped from here.

Q4: Can I turn on just a portion of the lights in the SuperT for energy conservation when I do not need the full lighting output?

A4: Yes, all SuperT panels come as a two-switch system, allowing the user to easily turn on/off just half of the tubes. Further lighting reductions can be made as needed by simply removing tubes.

Q5: What is the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of the new SuperT LED tubes? And will other CCT tubes be available?

A5: The current plant absorption optimized LED tubes have a CCT of 2800-2900K, in the future, we plan on adding 6000K tubes (similar to fluorescent T5 grow tubes) if needed.


NOTE: SuperT fixture output and tube input electrical current is 36V DC - SuperT 36V tubes should not be used with 110V output fixtures. 36V tubes are much safer to handle than 110V.

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